Two-Year Conditional Warranty

Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. warranties all workmanship against manufacturer’s defect or flaws (not visible at time of installation to the customer or installer) within two years of installation.

Artistic Stone will not warranty against damage that results from customer abuse, neglect, fires, earthquakes, or any other acts outside the control of Artistic Stone. The customer can call Artistic Stone at (510) 483-1298 to schedule a contractor visit to assess the nature of the damage. Should evidence warrant repair, Artistic Stone will guarantee repair to commence within 30 days of the first report of defect at no charge to the customer.

Should a disagreement arise, Artistic Stone and the customer can use a reputable, third-party arbitrator such as a local official inspector, the State licensing board, or another independent, licensed contractor randomly selected in the presence of both the buyer and Artistic Stone. Artistic Stone and the customer agree to accept the decision of any of the above arbitrators.

Covered Items

  • Split or damaged seams
  • Substantial changes to level/grade resulting from workmanship
  • Loose counters or backsplash
  • Lamination on edges
  • Any visible violations of the California state code

Items Not Covered

  • Stains from excess heat, water, food, or liquids
  • Hairline cracks resulting from house movement
  • Broken counter with circular epicenter
  • Chips, cracks or gashes resulting from impact
  • Dulled surface (normal wear and tear)