Purchasing Tile

Selecting the right tile for your home

When comparing prices and evaluating materials, it’s important to know how to assess quality across vendors. Artistic Stone is proud to offer high quality materials at competitive prices.


Discover the latest in tile printing technology

Roller or Screen Printed Tiles

Traditionally, printed tiles lack variation in color and pattern. The tile prints have limited variation and can be discovered in the home if one looks closely. This limitation is typically reflected in the price point of the tile; they are most suitable for small areas, where tile pattern repetition is less of a concern.

Roto Printing

Roto printing was state-of-the-art technology, until digital printing. Roto-printed tiles allowed for high sequence variation. It was capable of high pattern variation but was unable to print at the high resolution of digital inkjet. These tiles look good, but inkjet technology produces an even better printed tile.

Digital Inkjet Printing

These are not your mom and dad’s tiles.  This is Silicon Valley technology applied to tile manufacturing.  Our Italian manufacturers can print hundreds of square feet of tiles without duplications. For stone-printed tiles, definition on printed tiles is now so fine and textured that it is hard to distinguish the printed tile from natural stone.

Grout Options

We carry different types of grout, such as sanded/non-sanded, urethane grout, and epoxy grout and etc.  Some types of tile and application require certain types of grout.  Please discuss grout options with us or your installer when purchasing tiles.


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