Care & Maintenance

To maintain beautiful, clean and long-lasting tile in your home, please keep in mind:

Only Gentle Cleansers on tile.

Warm water and mild detergents, or gentle cleaners such as Windex are recommended for daily tile cleaning.

Avoid using cleaners that are acidic, contain strong chemicals and solvents, or those that are too abrasive.  Highly aggressive cleaning agents such as oven cleaners and cleaners with very high pH levels should also be avoided.  Such cleaners may cause damage to the tile finish and grout sealer.

Dry mop floors regularly.

Floors should be cleaned frequently using a clean, non-treated, dry mop.  Dirt, dust, and grit can cause damage to surface finish due to its abrasiveness.  Mats and area rugs can be used to help maintain floors in heavy traffic areas, which require more frequent maintenance.

Seal natural stone tile periodically.

Natural stone tiles will need to be sealed with a water-based penetrating sealer.  We recommend resealing natural stone every year, especially in heavy traffic and wet areas.

Clean and seal grout.

Although porcelain and ceramic tiles do not require sealing, the grout does. We recommend sealing grout in dry areas every 2-3 years, and every year for wet areas.

It is important to clean and seal grout regularly to avoid bacteria, fungus, molds, and mildew from collecting and growing.