Make a Difference with Small Details


Have you consider how to treat around your window?

Many of you probably never thought about it!

It is easy to miss, but properly treating the area gives you more of a “finished look.”

Here are pictures of Full 1.5″ edge treatment on the window sill with stone.


Torquay Kitchen

farmhouse sink with 1.5in window sill

Here is a photo of 3/4″ edge treatment on the windows and full 1.5″ edge on the bar top.



What if your window is not high up from the counter?

You can have a step up like this.


Depending on how it was built, your garden window might not be the same height as your counter tops.

It is pretty common that you notice the height difference after you take down existing counter tops.

In that case, you can have 3/4″ thick step up piece to cover your window sill.


You saw some options with stone, and now let’s look at tile.


Depending on the thickness, you can have tiles simply against the window trim.


You can finish open ends with quarter rounds.

Tile backsplash trim around window


There are many options for treatment just around the window.

We hope you find the right fit for your kitchen.