Sink Design

Sink Design

The sink is an important feature for any kitchen or vanity, and many home remodelers are looking to change their sinks when they update their countertops. Artistic Stone is happy to assist you in finding and installing the perfect sink for your kitchen or bathroom project.

Choosing a Sink

Your sink must fit within the space allowed. The width of the sink must be less than that of the inner dimension of the sink cabinet. The sink must be designed for a solid surface countertop. There are primarily three categories of kitchen sinks from which to choose.

Under Mount Sink: Under Mount Sink: Counter top allowance of at least 5” rear of sink and 3.5” front of sink required(it is varied by material).  In an under mount sink, the countertop extends over the top of the sink. Over 95% of our customers select under mount sinks. They offer a seamless look and are easy to clean.  

For bathroom under mount sinks, we recommend a negative reveal in order to cover the roughness of porcelain sink rim.

  • Positive Reveal Sink
    • Positive Reveal – The countertop edge sits back from the edge of the sink, exposing the sink rim, typical 1/8?.
    • Most sink templates include a positive reveal.
  • Zero Reveal Sink
    • Zero Reveal – The countertop meets the edge of the sink, fitting flush with the sink bowl.
  • Negative Reveal Sink
    • Negative Reveal – The countertop extends over the edge of the sink on all sides.

*Sinks may vary, and the same template may fit separate sinks of the same model differently. Some reveals may not work for some sinks. If not specified, Artistic Stone will cut the sink hole based on the manufacturer template provided. Artistic Stone will finalize with home owners after seeing the sink and the template. We normally follow the sink template for the reveal cut; some sinks do not have the option from the template.

NOTE: Some sinks are manufactured to work for both top-mount and under-mount installations. Artistic Stone does not recommend the under-mount installation for some of these sinks. This will depend on the size of the under-mount cut-out and the counter-top material. (Some materials will be at risk for breaking if the cut-out is too large.) Artistic Stone will not be liable for any material cracking or breaking should the customer insist on putting Top-mount sink into under-mount installation.

Top Mount Sink: A top mount is installed over the countertop. In bathrooms, a top mount or “vessel” sink offers a pleasing “bowl” look. For kitchen and bath counters, we cut the hole for a top mount sink to ensure a proper fit, but we do not install the actual sink.

Apron/Farm Sinks: The sink needs to be installed and set inside cabinet before templating (custom-made job) and Installation(pre-fab job).   We prefer that you have the sink installed, too. The height at which you set the sink will depend on how you want the counter to sit, i.e. flush to sides, on top with flat polished edge, or on top with a laminated edge. If you have questions, simply contact us

We carry the following brands: Blanco; Kohler, and Amerisink.

Undermount Sink

Undermount Sink

Topmount Sink

Topmount Sink

Some Commonly Seen Kitchen and Vanity Sinks

Stainless Sink

Stainless Steel

Silgranite Sink

Silgranite Sink

Farmer Sink

Apron/Farm Sink

Cast Iron Sink

Cast Iron Sink

Vessel Sink Ontop

Vessel Sink (Sits On Top of Counter)

Vessek Sink Inset

Vessel Sink (Set into the Countertop, But Still On Top)

Porcelain Sink Undermount

Porcelain Sink (Under Mount)

Porcelain Sink Topmount

Porcelain Sink (Top Mount)