Prefab Countertops

Upgrade Your Home with Luxurious Pre-Fabricated Countertops 

Artistic Stone’s high-quality pre-fabricated countertops are the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their homes with exceptional style, durability, and cost-effectiveness. With over 100 stunning colors to choose from and unique edge selections, our prefab countertops fully comply with the California Building Code and offer a thickness ¾”. Experience the convenience of ready-to-install countertops without compromising on quality!

Why buy Pre-fab Countertops from Artistic Stone?

  • Our prefabricated countertops are the same quality as our custom slabs but cost 30-40% less. 
  • From the most popular colors to unique and exotic hues and patterns, we carry the largest color selection of prefab granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz in the Bay Area. 
  • We offer unique edge selections and color/pattern matching between different sizes–options you won’t find anywhere else!
  • We also offer larger-sized islands (up to 52” x 110”), wider backsplashes, lamination matching, surface flattening and straightening, and more!
  • We carry only Grade A granite, marble, and limestone products, which ensures durability and vibrant, consistent coloring. 
  • We provide a two-year limited warranty on all installations.

Understanding Your Options: Pre-fabricated Countertops vs. Custom Slabs

Pre-fabricated countertops are pre-cut slabs of natural stone or engineered quartz that have been prepped with countertop-ready edging and finish. These countertops undergo partial processing at our production facility before being shipped to our Bay Area warehouses. Once there, you can select your desired slab and have it custom-cut to fit your kitchen countertops, backsplash, or bathroom.

In contrast, custom slabs don’t have edging or finishing applied until after they’re purchased. Although slabs can be useful for certain specialized projects, they’re typically not as cost-effective as prefab countertops

The quality, style, and selection of our prefabricated countertops are equivalent to our custom slabs. Our sales team can help you determine which option would work best for your project, but typically, prefabricated countertops are the way to go, as they’re the perfect blend of high-quality materials and reasonable pricing.

Pre-Fabricated Countertops, Kitchen Islands, and Backsplashes

In addition to prefab countertops, we also carry matching kitchen islands and backsplashes. By ensuring that each of these surfaces comes from the same stone block, you can be assured that the color and pattern will be consistent and uniform throughout your space. 

We carry longer kitchen islands than most of our competitors, which allows you to enjoy fewer seams. Our backsplashes are sized suitably for covering rough areas of the wall that’s been exposed during the demolition of your old tile or backsplash. 

Our prefabricated countertops, kitchen islands, and backsplashes are available in the following sizes (length x width x thickness):

Kitchen Countertops

  • 110” x 25.5” x ¾”

Kitchen Islands

  • 110” x 36” x ¾”
  • 110” x 42 x ¾”
  • 110” x 52” x ¾”  


  • 110” x 4” x ¾”
  • 110” x 7” x ¾”  

Edging Options & Surface Finishing

We offer four distinct edge options:

  • Flat Eased
  • Bullnose
  • Ogee
  • Miter

All edges have a height of 1.5 inches, except for marble, limestone, and porcelain prefab countertops, which have a slightly thinner edge. Our surface finishes include:

  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Brushed

Please check with our sales team for availability. We can also custom-hone natural stone!

Find the Perfect Pre-Fabricated Countertops for Your Home

Whether you have your heart set on prefab granite countertops or you’re still exploring your options, our experienced sales team is here to help you find the perfect materials for your project. Get started today with a free online estimate, visit one of our showrooms, or contact us by phone or email.