Prefab Countertops

Why buy Pre-fab Countertops from Artistic Stone?

  • Prices are 30-40% lower than the custom slabs with the same quality.
  • From most popular to exotic and unique colors, we carry over 100 colors (largest selection in the Bay Area) of granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz prefabricated countertops.
  • Strict compliance with the California Building Code with a standard 3/4″ thickness.
  • Unique edge selections and color/pattern matching between different sizes that you don’t normally see from our peers.
  • Larger size islands, up to 52” x 110”; wider back-splashes; lamination match; surface flatness and straightness, etc.

Prefabricated Countertops vs. Stone, Quartz, and Porcelain Slabs

Prefabricated countertops are slabs of natural stone or engineered quartz  which have been dressed with countertop-ready edging (in a variety of styles) and are ready for custom cutting. The Prefabricated counter is partially processed at our production facility and shipped to our warehouses in the Bay Area, where it is selected by the customer and cut to size for your kitchen countertops, backsplash and bathroom.

This differs from Custom-slab, which does not have its edging and finishing applied until after it is purchased. While slab can be useful for certain specialized projects, it is not always as cost-effective as pre-fab counters.

Quality, style and selection for our prefabricated stone countertop is equivalent to Slab. Our sales rep can help determine what the job calls for, but typically, prefabricated countertop is the way to go. In terms of price, our customers generally pay 30-40% less for prefabricated countertop, making it the popular choice for homeowners who want both high quality and reasonable pricing.

We carry the largest Color selection of prefab granite, prefab marbleprefab quartz and Porcelain countertops and kitchen islands.

Assessing Quality Countertop Materials

Artistic Stone carries only Grade A granite, marble and limestone products. Lower grades may crack or have muddy, inconsistent coloring. Our countertops are ¾” thick, which is thicker than most prefabricated countertops on the market. Thick stone increases its durability. .

We are proud to label the origins of our stone products, providing you with a greater assurance of its quality and manufacturing.

Edge Options

Our prefabricated countertops come with four distinct edge options. Edges have a height of 1.5 inches, except for marble, limestone, and porcelain pre-fab countertops, of which carry a slightly thinner edge.

Surface Finishes

Surface Finishes:  Artistic Stone carries polished, honed, and brushed finish.  Please check with our Sales Team for availability.  We can also custom-hone natural stone.

Kitchen Islands and Backsplashes

We carry matching prefab kitchen countertops, kitchen islands and backsplashes and are happy to show you all of our inventory. By ensuring that each of these surfaces came from the same stone block, homeowners can rest assured that color and pattern is consistent and uniform.

We also carry longer kitchen islands than most of our competitors, who may only carry up to 30 to 36” x 96” lengths. Artistic Stone carries sizes up to 52” width and 100” length. The longer, wider sizes mean fewer seams in your countertop surface.

For backsplashes, we offer both 4” and 7” sizes, suitable for covering rough areas of the wall exposed during demolition of your old tile or backsplash.

Smart, Reliable Workmanship

As always, Artistic Stone offers a two-year warranty on its workmanship.

Available Prefabricated Countertop Sizes (Length x Width x Thickness)

Kitchen Countertops

100” x 25.75” x ¾” 110” x 26” x ¾”  

Kitchen Islands

110” x 36” x ¾” 110” x 42” x ¾” 100” x 52” x ¾”
Backsplashes 110” x 4” x ¾” 110” x 7” x ¾”  


Questions? Our knowledgeable sales team is here to help you figure out what will work best for your space.

Ready for the next step? Ready to talk specifics on colors and square footage? You can get started with a free online estimate or contact us by phone or email