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Discover the Beauty and Convenience of Pre-Made Tub & Shower Panels

If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom with a touch of elegance and practicality, our pre-made tub and shower panels are the perfect solution!

Crafted from a blend of quartz and fortified with a selection of robust minerals and barrier resins, our panels offer exceptional durability and water resistance. At just half an inch thick, they’re lightweight yet incredibly strong. Even better, the absence of grout makes cleaning a breeze compared to traditional tile installations.

An Affordable Alternative to Traditional Shower Walls

In the past, shower wall enclosures required 2-3 large slabs, resulting in a lot of wasted material and increased material and labor costs. Our innovative pre-made shower panels are an affordable alternative to traditional shower walls that don’t force you to sacrifice beauty or quality. 

Our shower panels are available in various sizes and come in two luxurious colors. They can be purchased as a set of three or as individual pieces, allowing you to customize your project to your specific needs:

  • 36x84x½” (2 pieces) + 60x84x½” (1 piece)
  • 36x96x½” (2 pieces) + 59x96x½” (1 piece)

Prices range from $399 for individual pieces to $1299 for a complete set (material only).

For your convenience, we offer two options: you can choose the whole package with material and installation provided by our expert team, or you can opt for purchasing the panels alone and have your trusted contractor handle the fabrication and installation process. The material is easy to work with, allowing you to create custom niches, benches, and curbs that perfectly suit your design vision.

Get Started on Transforming Your Bathroom

Ready to transform your bathroom? We’re here to help! To receive a free estimate for our pre-made shower panels, contact us at sales@artisticstoneinc.com and provide the following information:

  • Your ceiling height
  • The width of the shower walls you require
  • The number of walls you need
  • If you would like a labor estimate, please mention any niches, benches, and curbs needed

At Artistic Stone, we’re delighted to offer you another fabulous option for elevating the look and feel of your home. For more information on our shower panels, feel free to contact us directly or visit one of our showrooms. Let us help you create a bathroom that’s as beautiful as it is functional and easy to maintain!