Pre-Made Shower Panels

We’re excited to announce Artistic Stone now carries beautiful pre-made tub/shower panels!

The panels are made from quartz, stone, and mixed with a variety of strong minerals and barrier resins. At a ½ inch thickness, they’re light weighted but very strong and water-resistant. Even better, there’s no grout, so they’re much easier to clean than traditional tile.

Traditionally, you would need 2-3 big slabs for a shower wall enclosure. This created a lot of waste and was more expensive for material and labor. Our new and innovative pre-made shower panels are an excellent alternative!

Our shower panels are available in several sizes with two colors and can be purchased as a set of three or individual pieces:

  • • 36x84x½” (2 pieces) + 60x84x½” (1 piece)
  • • 36x96x½” (2 pieces) + 59x96x½” (1 piece) 

Depending on the options you choose, the prices range from $399 for individual pieces to $1299 for a set (Material only)

You also have the option of getting the whole package with us for the material and installation or purchasing the panels only and having your contractor complete the fabrication/installation. The material is easy to work with and you can make niches, benches, and curbs out of it.

Ready for a Free Estimate?

If you’d like a free estimate for pre-made shower panels, please send us the following information at [email protected]:

  • • Your ceiling height
  • • The width of the shower walls you’ll need
  • • The quantity of walls you’ll need
  • • Niches, Benches, and Curbs needed if you want labor estimate

We’re so happy to offer another option for transforming your home! 

For more information on our shower panels, please contact us, or visit us at one of our showrooms!

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