Checklists for Home Remodelers


Why It’s Important

Is the contractor licensed?

Freelancers may not have the skills to do your project and/or take your deposit. They may disappear and may not follow California’s Building Code.

Does the Contractor have liability insurance?

Customers can be sure that any harm arising from the work is covered.

Does the Contractor have Worker’s Comp?

Important to show that the employees are covered. It is the law.

How did past customers talk about the Contractor?,

Word of mouth and robust past experience is important and demonstrates good customer service and quality workmanship.

Does the Contractor provide workmanship warranties? What is covered and what is not?

A good warranty shows that the company stands behind their work and that post-install issues will be resolved.


Artistic Stone Products

Some pre-fab products in market

Issues for lower-grade products

Grade A Granite, Marble and Limestone

Grade B or lower grade

Color is undesirable and may have cracks.

¾” Thick

½”-5/8” thick

Warps easily and cannot cover the sub top underneath.

Origin on the label

Does not show origin

May substitute similar colors of inferior color and quality.

Counter tops confirmed to match with islands and back splashes.

Tops and islands may originate from different lots.

Color fails to match among tops, islands and splashes in same kitchen.

Long islands available 36×110”; 42×110” and 52×100”

Only 96” long Islands and may only carry 36” or 39”.

May have seam for islands/ peninsula or may not be wide enough for island or bay window.

4” and 7” back splashes

Only carry 4” splashes

May fail to cover the rough area created from tile demolition.

TWO-YEAR Warranty on workmanship

Most of them don’t offer any warranty.

No coverage for breakage and workmanship issues.

A variety of edge options: Bullnose, Flat, Ogee

Most of them only have bullnose

Cannot fit all different cabinet style and limit customer’s design choices.

Different finishes

They only carry polished surfaces.

May not meet customer’s desired look.

Artistic Stone Tile Products

Some low quality tiles in market

Issues for their products

Square and even

Corners are not square; unleveled. The final installation is misaligned, revealing gaps and uneven areas.

Same Thickness

Varying thicknesses in one batch. The installed tiles are not even.

Water Absorption level is lower than 0.1%

Water absorption level may be higher than the standard 0.5%. Floors and baseboards may suffer water damage, especially in bathrooms.

Breaking strength >2500N

< 1300N (standard) Tile is easily broken; requires replacement.

Scratch Resistance

Easily get scratched. Brief period of durability; undesired look.