New Process During Coronavirus

Our Team 

Order Your New Countertops Without Leaving Your Home

New Shelter In Place and Social Distancing Procedure

Highlights of our new processes during the shelter in place order.

  • We will do as much through virtual consultation as possible
  • When virtual consultation is not possible, we will strictly practice 6’ social distancing
  • We will thoroughly wipe down and clean anything that we touch

Please call us at (510) 483-1298 X 102 (SL Store) or 650-988-8581 X 107 (MV Store) or E-mail us at [email protected] for appointments and information. We are available to help existing customers. We are also helping new customers with essential construction needs by appointment only via phone or FaceTime for color ideas, etc.

  • When your remodeling project is “Essential” by the government definition, we will do our best to expedite the processes.
  • When your remodeling project is NOT regarded as “Essential” by the government definition, we can start the sales and ordering process VIRTUALLY.  We will arrange the fabrication and installation whenever government Order(s) lifted. 

Sales Process–Choose a Material

  1. Please visit our website to find your products, i.e. kitchen, bath, stone type, and colors, design ideas, etc.
  2. We can mail you, at your request, the countertop color samples with a shipping/handling charge.
  3. We can email/text you the entire slab/countertop pictures. We can also do a virtual tour by Facetime with you when you want to see color options. 
  4. We can accept your payment via our online payment terminal or other means of online transfer.

Fabrication Process–Tape your pieces

  • We will use Facetime to do the taping for you. We always discuss which pieces and match the area of the countertops with the area of your kitchen, and tape the design on the countertops and/or slabs of your choice. 

Material Pickup Process

  1. By appointment only
  2. Non-employees will have to wait in our parking lot for loading
  3. Our warehouse staff will wear masks and practice social distancing, remaining  6’ away from you

Demolition and Installation Process

  • We require a strict policy of social distancing and ask that you please stay at least 6’ away from our crew members when we come to your house for demolition.  We will make every effort to wipe down our work area and leave you with a clean kitchen, bath, etc. 

On behalf of the Artistic Stone Family, we send our love, prayers, and best wishes for the health of you and your loved ones. We will get through this, together!

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