Tile Floors Process

Measurements for an Estimate

First, a picture or sketch of the spatial layout with length & width measurements is required to build an accurate design and generate an estimate. Please note:

  • horizontal or diagonal tile layout
  • desired placement of accent areas or different tile types within layout
  • wall baseboard: additional tiles? wood trim?
  • floor transition: for crossing from tile floor to carpet or hardwood floor (see below)

The color of the tile grout is typically decided by the installer. If the customer wants a specific color, please discuss with your Artistic Stone consultant well in advance of the day of installation. The installer typically also decides spacing between tiles when he or she examines the prepared site and the tile material. Very small gaps (1/8 in.) are harder to perfect for certain jobs; ¼ inch is more common (the minimum spacing is 1/16 in).

For the initial estimate, we ask that the customer provide measurements of the layout. To finalize the pricing and material amounts, an Artistic Stone representative will come to your home or office space and take final measurements. We’ll also count how many of your chosen accents are required to fit the space.

Need help with design ideas? Our consultants are experienced stone and tile designers. Contact us to discuss your tile floor ideas.

Choose Your Material

Natural stone tile is suitable and functions great for all tile floor tile jobs. Stone can be polished on its exposed edges, has a natural, organic feel, and each piece is unique. Natural stone does require periodic sealing.

Bathroom and shower floors require a certain graded material. Porcelain cannot be polished, so some trim or bull-nose pieces are needed for the exposed edges. With porcelain tiles, maintenance is easy; there’s no sealing required. Porcelain tiles are also strong.

Ceramic tile is a great choice for walls. It is not suitable for flooring or outside applications. Ceramic tiles require no sealing, but they do need trim or bull-nose pieces for the exposed edges.

Glass tile is beautiful for accent and bathroom applications. There is no sealing required for waterproof glass tiles, but due to the difficulty in cutting glass into tiles, the labor cost for glass backsplash tiles is higher than other materials.

Tile Ordering

When ordering tiles for flooring, remember to account for any trim, accent or edge pieces. For horizontal lays, add 10% overage for any cutting and breakage. For diagonal lays, add 15%. Allow 4-10 days for tile orders to arrive.


To ensure a smooth installation, note that the area must be completely cleared before it is prepared. Any existing flooring and subflooring must be completely removed. If Artistic Stone is hired for this step, our team typically completes demolition within ½ day, possibly 1 full day for larger jobs.


Preparation of the flooring area also depends on the scope of the job and whether any leveling is needed.

For floors with little or no leveling required, the installer typically uses Hardi-Backer sub-flooring.  Hardi-Backer is typically ¼ – ¾ inch thick. For floors with a lot of leveling required, the subfloor will have to be ‘floated’ with concrete.  This may cause a difference in the level of the floors in adjacent areas. For leveling by ‘floating’, our team uses thin-set mortar up to max of ¼ inch and concrete for anything greater than ¼ inch. Cement floating requires at least one day to set.

Floor transition

For the transition between tile flooring and wood flooring, the transition is typically wood. For tile-to-carpet, there may be a wood, metal or no transition piece. For our team to install the transition, the customer is charged $100 for materials and labor.


Tile setting takes ½ to 1 day for most jobs (add an extra day for large jobs or for elaborate accents or lay designs). The installer needs 2-3 hours for grouting, which is usually done 2-3 days after tile setting is complete, and one hour for sealing 1-2 days after grouting is finished.

 Final Payment

The final balance is collected after the job is finished.