How to Buy

Interested in purchasing countertops through Artistic Stone? It helps to know what to expect.

First, get an Estimate.

To get a free, fast and accurate estimate from Artistic Stone, please gather the following information:

  • Layout:  A drawing with length and width dimensions indicating open edges where finished edging is needed.

  • Choose your material. Check out our <galleries> for ideas!

  • Choose an edge finish. <Read more about edges.>

  • Consider the extras: backsplash, tile accents, changes to sinks, faucets, etc.

Look at samples.

To help with decision making, Artistic Stone has free slab samples for customers to keep, as well as tile samples available for borrowing.

We gather precise measurements.

To ensure an accurate quote, Artistic Stone may need to take its own measurements prior to finalizing its estimate.

Choose the materials.

Once the customer has decided on the desired material, Artistic Stone will help select the ideal pieces to suit the job.

  • For tiles, samples are available for borrowing.

  • For prefabricated slabs, customers may choose anything from our inventory, or special order from our factory. Please allow 1.5 to 2 months for special orders.

  • For full slabs purchased from other vendors, Artistic Stone will arrange delivery after selections are made.

*If you have trouble selecting materials, Artistic Stone offers in-store design services for your stone and tile need.

  • Requests for design services, i.e. counter tops, back splash, and tiles, are welcome.
  • Free consultation up to 30 min.*
  • After 30 min, it is $75 per hour.  This will be credited back to your purchase

*except for special in-home consultation

Sign a contract.

We ask that a contract with terms & conditions be signed by the customer prior to any material ordering or the start of any work.

Pay a deposit.

The customer pays a deposit upon signing of the contract.

We place the order.

For tiles and slabs from other vendors, Artistic Stone can place orders as soon as the deposit is paid.

  • Allow 3 days to 1.5 weeks for tile orders, depending on the vendor.

  • Allow 3-7 days for slab vendors.

  • For materials purchased from the Artistic Stone inventory, we will schedule installation at the earliest available date.

With the job complete, pay the final balance.

The final balance is collected after the job is finished. For larger jobs, custom pay schedules are available.