Frequently Asked Questions




Pre-made cabinet: 5-10 days; Custom-made cabinet: 4-10 weeks(depending on brand).



It depends on if you order from our local shop or from our factory overseas.

Our price is very competitive if you order bigger quantity 2 or 3 months earlier. We can help you storage in our San Leandro warehouse.

Counter top, Vanity , Tub/shower panels, Tile and cabinet installation.

We have two year warranty on workmanship.


Artistic Stone is a family owned and operated business. We opened our doors in 2002.

We have two locations, one in San Leandro (Showroom and warehouse) and one in Mountain View (Showroom)…

No appointment is needed.

  1. Our culture is to deliver “Wow”
  2. We are one-stop shopping: from design, to material, and installation.
  3. Great reputation from Yelp, BBB, and customer testimonials.
  4. two-year warranty
  5. Big selection of prefab quartzite, granite, marble, and quartz.
  6. We offer 1.5″ miter edge for quartz and a few other edge for natural stone.

Please click here to see each of our stores’ hours.

We do provide installation but customers can also just buy materials and use their own installers. We do provide Two-year Warranty on our labor for projects we performed the installation.



For natural stone, you can get from our partner vendors or get your own slabs. For Quartz, we carry Cambria, Caesarstone, SileStone, and Vadara. 

It is 45 degree custom cut for the vertical surface and it makes seamless between counter and vertical sides.


Prefabricated countertops are slabs of natural stone or engineered quartz  which have been dressed with countertop-ready edging (in a variety of styles) and are ready for custom cutting. The natural quarried stone is partially processed at  our production facility and shipped to our warehouses in the Bay Area, where it is selected by the customer and cut to size for your kitchen countertops, backsplash and bathroom.

Quartz comes with 1.5″ Miter Edge;

Stone comes with 1.5″ Flat Eased, or 1.5″ Bullnose or 1.5″ Ogee Bullnose.

Please call for inventory.

Quartz: 25.5×110, 36×110, 42×110, and 52×110; splash: 4″ and 7″x110″ 

Natural Stone: 25.75×110,36×110,42×110,52×100; splash: 4” and 7”x110”


We do have all pre-fab in our San Leandro warehouse.

No. Artistic Stone is a licensed tile setter and subcontractor. Under California building code, a licensed C-54 tile setter is also licensed to install solid substrates such as Stone and quartz slab. As such, Artistic Stone can only perform tasks specifically related to either slabs or tile. By law we cannot reconnect plumbing, paint, and electricity. When you hire Artistic Stone directly, you are acting as you own general contractor, which is permissible by California State law.

Yes, we do.

For Prefab, usually we can complete the counter install within 1-3 weeks. However, it will depend on job location, job size, edge request, any special fabrication, Condo or house…

For Custom-fab jobs, usually we can complete the template, fabrication and installation within 2-4 weeks if we can get slab before template date.


Mostly Glass, Porcelain and Ceramic tiles,

Yes, we have display in both of our stores.

No, we don’t carry tiles in stock. We will order from manufacturer after getting order from clients.

Yes, we do. We have in-house team.