Slab Showers


Steps to design and install your slab shower:

1)Take Measurements

First, a picture or sketch of the spatial layout with length & width measurements is required to build an accurate design and generate an estimate. Please note:

  • desired height of the surround
  • details like shower curbs, soap holders/niche, and window sills
  • desired edge finish for exposed edges

The customer then chooses the desired material, taking color, pattern and orientation of the stone into account.

For the initial estimate, we ask that the customer provide measurements of the layout. To finalize the pricing and material amounts, an Artistic Stone representative will come to your home or office space and take final measurements.

Need help with design ideas? Our consultants are experienced stone and tile designers. Contact us to discuss your slab shower ideas.

2)Choose the Materials

Next comes the fun of selecting the material. Because shower or tub surrounds are not high-traffic areas, we would recommend any stone we offer.

Natural stone slab is beautiful and organic. Artistic Stone can polish the edges for a smooth finish; some materials may require periodic sealing for water resistance.

Artistic Stone quartz is also a beautiful and highly customizable option, with a variety of colors and polishing available. It is non-porous and requires no sealing.

3)Place the Order

Natural stone slabs for tub or shower surrounds can be delivered within 3-10 days, depending on the vendor.

Quartz for tub or shower surrounds require 1-7 days, depending on vendor.

Artistic Stone also has a variety of larger sized slabs that can be used for surrounds. Our may hold the perfect slab for the job.


To ensure a smooth installation, note that the area must be completely cleared before it is prepared. Any damaged drywall and/or studs should be removed. If Artistic Stone is hired for this step, our team typically completes demolition within ½ day, possibly 1 full day for larger jobs.


There are a few steps to preparing the walls and tub or shower area for a slab install. Some of this information may or may not be relevant to you, but we thought we’d include it for you or your contractor’s information.

A waterproof backer board (Hardi-Backer) may be used on jobs where little or no leveling is required. Hardi-Backer is typically ¼ – ¾ inch thick. ‘Floating’ concrete will be used on jobs where walls are not leveled adequately. A wire mesh like chicken wire is used as reinforcement for ‘floated’ walls. For leveling by ‘floating’, our team uses thin-set mortar up to max of ¼ inch and concrete for anything greater than ¼ inch.

If a shower pan is required, the installer will need to build a frame, install the plastic water membrane per city requirements, run a 24-hour water test, and float the concrete sub-base including slope per city requirements. Shower pans could be done from the same material (slabs) but we will hone the surface so that it will not be slippery.

Where only wall prep is needed, our installer requires about ½ day or more depending on the existing wall condition. If Artistic Stone is fabricating a shower tub, add 1-2 days for fabrication of the tub, and 24 hours for the water test.

6)Final Stone Selection

After preparation is done, assisted by a project manager, clients visit our San Leandro store to “tape” (identify and reserve) their stone slabs with Project Management team according to the template made produced by the installation team.


Expect 5-10 business days for shop fabrication of your custom slab pieces.


Most installations are completed within one day. If a custom shower pan is needed, another 1-2 days will be required for installation. Artistic Stone will seal all natural stone materials on the day of installation.

9)Final Payment

The final balance is collected after the job is finished.

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