Engineered Marble Slabs


Venetian marble is an affordable, sophisticated, and durable alternative to cultured marble, tile, and natural stone. Venetian marble is recycled natural stone that is pressed and heated to create an environmentally friendly material. This engineered marble surface gives you all the benefits of traditional marble slabs but at a fraction of the cost. Its engineered strength also makes it much more resilient than cultured marble. Easy to clean and highly sustainable, Venetian marble is an ideal option for those looking for the elegance of marble and granite stones but desiring lasting durability and longevity.

Great for shower walls:

Size: 96” x 65” X 5/8”

Venetian Marble is the first 60”+ wide engineered marble in the industry. All previous offerings were 48” wide. This meant there had to be a seam on the back wall that took more time to install and created substantial waste.  With Venetian marble full “No Seam” back wall installations are now possible in standard 60” wide bathtubs making for better looking, easier and faster installations with very little off-fall waste.




-standard measurements of tub-

Great for Vanity tops as well:

venetian marble vanity top1

Care & Maintenance:

To clean Venetian Marble, all you need is a wet cloth or a paper towel. For stubborn spots, a small amount of liquid detergent is sufficient. For extremely difficult stains, mild household cleaners such as Bar Keepers Friend may be used.
Please make sure to rinse any cleaner off completely on the surface to avoid leaving a dull residue over the naturally beautiful sheen of Venetian Marble.
Providing additional sealing to Venetian Marble can be done with any available marble sealer.