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Artistic Stone is the go-to choice for commercial countertops for San Jose businesses! As a stone fabricator & installation company, we offer the largest color selection of prefabricated and custom commercial countertops in the Bay Area. With over 100 colors of natural and engineered stone to choose from, you’re sure to find something that gives your business the look and feel you want. From selecting materials to fabrication and installation, we help you with every step of your project. Visit our Mountain View or San Leandro showroom today to view our amazing selection!

The Best Selection of Commercial Countertops in San Jose

Whether you have a hotel, restaurant, office, or apartment building, you’ll love the refined look stone countertops brings to commercial spaces. It’s strong and durable–a perfect material for countertops for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that will use them on a daily basis. One consideration is whether you want custom commercial countertops or prefabricated ones. With custom countertops, the edging and finish are applied after it’s purchased. You choose your materials, and we template, fabricate, and install them for you. We receive new inventory monthly, so there’s always something new to choose from—take a look at our commercial gallery to get inspired!

From kitchen and bathroom countertops to tabletops and other solid surfaces, our countertop company makes it easy to transform your business!

Affordable Prefabricated Countertops

Planning on installing several countertops? If you’re trying to stay within a budget, prefabricated countertops might be your best option. These are slabs of natural stone or engineered quartz that come dressed with countertop-ready edging. Though the quality, style, and selection of our prefabricated stone countertops are the same as our custom slabs, they generally cost 30-40% less. We also offer a 2-year warranty on all stone installations to help protect your investment. You can feel confident we’ll help you find the right commercial countertops for your San Jose business. Contact us today to get started on your project!

Artistic Stone is one of the top Stone companies in San Jose, the Peninsula and the East Bay. Contact us for a free quote today!

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