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When you’re looking for commercial office countertops for your San Francisco business, make your firsts stop Artistic Stone! With over 100 colors of high-quality granite, marble, quartzite, quartz, and porcelain, we have options to complement any aesthetic. We offer prefabricated and custom countertops, but we’re not just a supplier! We handle every step of your project, including design, templating, fabrication, and countertop installation. All our work is also backed by a two-year conditional warranty. Visit us today at our San Leandro or Mountain View showroom today to get started on your project!

Our one-stop-shopping makes adding commercial office countertops to your business easy! We’ll work with you to find the perfect materials based on your needs and budget. Natural and engineered stone is a great choice for countertop installation at any business because they’re strong, durable materials and easy to clean and maintain. Granite and quartz are both very popular. Granite grants a modern, upscale feel while adding a touch of hominess to offices and hotel rooms. It’s also scratch and heat resistant, making it a fabulous choice for office kitchens or restaurants.

Quartz is also an ideal choice for commercial office countertops. Our quartz products are engineered from 93% quartz, high-quality polymers, and pigments. Quartz is one of the strongest minerals on earth, so it’s very durable and can easily withstand daily use. Quartz is available in a wide range of colors, which makes it easy to find something that will perfectly complement your commercial space. It ranges from solid colors to patterns and hues that mimic the appearance of natural stone. Quartz is also very easy to maintain. Unlike granite, it doesn’t require sealing and its non-porous surface naturally inhibits bacterial growth.

Of course, marble, quartzite, and porcelain are also options for your countertop installation! Our friendly design professionals would be happy to discuss the benefits of each material to find the best one for your San Francisco business. Visit us today to get started, or contact us online to request a bid.

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