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If you’ve been searching for custom countertops near Palo Alto, visit Artistic Stone! We offer a large selection of beautiful custom and prefabricated countertops in granitequartzquartzitemarble, and porcelain. However, we’re not just a supplier! We assist you through every step of your project, from choosing the perfect materials to design, templating, fabrication, and installation. Whether you’re searching for custom bathroom vanities or custom countertops for your kitchen, you’ll love our selection and friendly, knowledgeable service! We also offer stock and custom kitchen cabinets and tile flooringbacksplashes, and surrounds. Visit us today at one of our showrooms to get started on your project.

Whether you’re planning a remodel or just want to refresh your countertops, natural and engineered stone is an ideal choice. Although each type has its own care requirements, stone is very durable. It’s very easy to clean and maintain, and it works well with a wide variety of interior styles. Depending on where you’d like to install your custom countertops, some types of stone may work better than others. Marble, for example, is a softer stone, so it isn’t recommended in a high traffic area. If you love the look of marble but need something harder, quartzite is an excellent alternative. It looks very similar but it’s able to withstand higher traffic. Traditionally, quartzite is only available prefabricated, but we’re one of the few US companies that offer it in slabs for custom projects.

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We’re happy to go over the benefits of each type of stone to help you select materials that will match your aesthetics and lifestyle needs. In addition to assisting you with your custom countertops, we can also work with you on your custom kitchen cabinet design. Our custom cabinets are built to your style and specifications, so they can be pretty much whatever you like! They offer up to 15% more usable space than cabinetry that relies on framed construction, making it easy for you to fit more items in your existing footprint. They also come with a wide range of options and features, such as ergonomic hardware and organizational accessories.

In addition, we also offer kitchen islandsshower walls and surroundsfireplaces and hearths, and BBQ counters. All of our installations come with a free two-year warranty. As a trusted and licensed kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor, we make it easy for you to transform your Palo Alto home! Visit our Mountain View or San Leandro showroom today or contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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