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New apartment countertops are an ideal way to revamp an older unit, add value to your rental, or attract more affluent tenants. We offer both prefabricated and custom apartment countertops in beautiful natural stone. With the largest color selection in the Bay Area, you’re sure to find the perfect material to match the aesthetics of your apartment! We’ll work closely with you to help you choose a material that fits your vision, upkeep needs, and budget. We also handle all aspects of your project, from design and templating to apartment countertop installation. Visit our Mountain View showroom today to see what we have available or give us a call at 650-988-8581.Renovating an entire apartment is an expensive endeavor but putting your focus on the bathroom or kitchen is a great way to improve the look of your apartment while staying within a reasonable budget. New apartment countertops can increase the value of your rental as well as the perception of your property. Most potential tenants see stone countertops as a significant perk, especially if they’re planning on living at the residence long-term. There are several materials we use in our apartment countertop installation, and each has its own unique qualities.

Quartz is a great care-free, low maintenance option that’s extremely durable. We use engineered quartz that is 93% natural quartz mixed with high-quality polymer resins and pigments. The result is a surface that looks and feels like natural stone while offering wider design freedom. Quartz is able to withstand heat, staining, and scratches, and doesn’t need to be sealed. If you’re a fan of natural stone, granite is a very popular option. With the natural patterns and striations of the stone, each slab or prefabricated countertop is completely unique. Granite is a very hard stone, so it’s resistant to scratching. It does need periodic resealing, but once sealed, granite can be as low maintenance as quartz.

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At Artistic Stone, we handle all steps of the process. Choose your materials, and we will get to work on the design, fabrication, and installation details. We pride ourselves on our adherence to our core values, excellent customer service, and quality workmanship. We offer a two-year warranty, which guarantees your counters against manufacturer defect or workmanship flaws. Visit our Mountain View showroom today to see our extensive selection or contact us at 650-988-8581.


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