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Artistic Stone is your source for commercial office countertops in Cupertino. We have a team of professional countertop experts, a wide selection of product, and a commitment to helping our clients find the best materials for their project.

Artistic Stone helps provide quality, beautiful commercial office countertops for your Cupertino company. Commercial does not mean boring or low-grade! Instead, we help find the perfect countertops to match your business style and needs, and we offer countertop installation to ensure the perfect alignment and placement. We recommend quartz for commercial office countertops in Cupertino and throughout the Bay Area because it is adaptable to different styles and easy to maintain.

An Unbeatable Selection

Quartz countertops come in a wide variety of styles and color palettes. We can bulk order slabs for your project that seamlessly fit in with your existing décor and compliment your company’s brand colors. With all the options of quartz available, there is gorgeous quartz countertop for everyone. Quartz is also easy to clean and maintain, without some of the concerns that other materials face. You do not have to seal quartz, unlike concrete or wood. It is scratch and stain resistant, making it the perfect surface for commercial use. And it is nonporous, so mildew and mold will not grow on it, which makes it a good option for bathrooms in corporate settings. There are multiple uses for commercial office countertops made of quartz in your Cupertino office: lobby desk, table tops, long open-plan desks in the main office, vanities in the bathroom, around a BBQ area outside.

We have worked with leading companies in the tech, hospitality, and retail industries as well as government agencies. Some of our clients include Facebook, Whole Foods, Ikea, Holiday Inn, and Best Western. Get added to the list of happy Artistic Stone clients. Contact us to discuss slabs and countertop installation today!

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