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When you’re searching for professional kitchen design for your Campbell home, you’ll love the one-stop experience at Artistic Stone! From product sales to installation, we handle all aspects of your project, including kitchen countertopsbacksplashes, tile flooring, and kitchen cabinets. We can even assist you with sink design. With the largest color selection of custom and prefabricated countertops in the Bay Area and our competitive pricing, you’ll find everything you need to create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. All of our installations are also backed by a two-year warrantyVisit one of our showrooms today to get started on your new kitchen!

Our large selection of beautiful, high-quality materials and streamlined project management makes it easy to completely transform your kitchen. We offer over 100 different colors of granitequartzquartzite, and marble to fit any style. Whether you’re searching for something modern or leaning toward traditional, we’re sure to have a variety of options you’ll love. For most clients, our prefabricated kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice. These come pre-dressed with countertop-ready edging (in a variety of styles) and finish. Due to there being less labor involved, they typically cost 30-40% less than our custom slabs, even though they’re of the same quality. As many of our customers would agree, our prefabricated countertops are the perfect blend of high quality and value!

Our kitchen cabinets are available in several options: customsemi-custom, and stock. Our custom cabinets are standard-sized and can be built according to your style and specifications. Our semi-custom cabinets are essentially stock cabinets but with extra detailing options, like door fronts and handles. Stock cabinets are pre-manufactured, mass-produced cabinets that are ready to ship as soon as you’ve placed your order. Our stock cabinets are available in a variety of styles, woods, and colors.

For more information on our kitchen design services for your Campbell home, or to see our amazing selection of beautiful materials, contact Artistic Stone today!

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