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Outdoor Kitchen Countertops Alameda

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When you’re looking for durable and attractive outdoor kitchen countertops for your Alameda home, visit Artistic Stone! We offer a wide color selection of prefabricated and custom countertops in granite and quartzite. However, we’re not just a supplier – we’re your one-stop-shop! We’ll handle all aspects of your BBQ island design and installation. From design and templating to fabrication and installation, we’ll assist you every step of the way. There’s no need to go anywhere else! Visit our San Leandro or Mountain View showroom today to get started on your project.

If you love cooking outside, outdoor kitchen countertops are a must! They not only expand your cooking area, but they also create a comfortable, casual area to relax and entertain. Stone is a perfect material for BBQ island design and installation because it’s beautiful and durable. However, not all types of stone are ideal for outdoor use. Some, like quartz, can fade over time from constant exposure to UV light. We use granite and quartzite for our outdoor kitchen countertops because both can withstand the effects of UV light and exposure to the elements.

Granite is an excellent choice for outdoor kitchen countertops because it doesn’t absorb odors or stains easily. It also shouldn’t fade or lose its shine. Granite does need to be sealed periodically. Quartzite has similar properties to granite and is also very durable. It should also be sealed periodically to keep the surface stain-resistant. Both types of stone are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it easy to find something that will fit your aesthetic perfectly! They’re also both very easy to clean. Like our kitchen countertops, we offer several different edging options. We can accommodate any BBQ for your BBQ island design and installation, even irregular sizes.

When you’re searching for an incredible selection of quality materials and expert outdoor countertop installation for your Alameda home, you’ll be happy you chose Artistic Stone! Visit us today to get started on your project, or contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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