Q: Is Artistic Stone a general contractor?

No. Artistic Stone is a licensed tile setter and subcontractor. Under California building code, a licensed C-54 tile setter is also licensed to install solid substrates such as granite, marble, and quartz slab. As such, Artistic Stone can only perform tasks specifically related to either slabs or tile. By law we cannot reconnect plumbing, paint, or repair drywall or cabinets. When you hire Artistic Stone directly, you are acting as you own general contractor, which is permissible by California State law.

The good thing is, this saves you money. It also means you must be up to the task of contracting other services necessary for a complete kitchen or bath remodel. If you want a one stop shop for a complete remodel, you may want to consider hiring a general contractor who will, in turn, hire a number of subcontractors to complete plumbing and carpentry work. General contractors are paid for coordinating these services for you and ensuring selection of good subcontractors. We strongly advise that you seek a licensed general contractor, if necessary.

Q: I want to remodel my whole kitchen. Should I have my granite counter tops installed first, or last?

The rule of thumb in home remodeling is start with the ceiling and work to the ground. Artistic Stone HIGHLY recommends that you proceed in this order: ceiling > wall > cabinets > countertops > flooring.

Q: Are there any conditions to your 100% refund policy?

For material sale only, payment is refundable for up to two weeks only. For installation, payment is refundable before template and fabrication.


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