Recent Installation – Namib Sky Counter



Another gorgeous kitchen installed by Artistic Stone!

The countertop is prefab Namib Sky.  The backsplash is porcelain mosaic tile, finished with Carrara Marble liner.

Namib Sky has been out of stock due to its popularity, but it is back in stock now.

Please feel free to come check Namib Sky at our warehouse!

Piracema White Slab Shower: Planning/ Timelines Part 2 of 3

Continued from Part 1 of 3: April 3rd, 2010 Click for Part 1 of 3.

After we had an understanding of Valerie’s project, we planned out the material acquisition and installation schedule.  In an ideal scenario, all material will have been purchased and warehoused at our San Leandro facility prior to project start. This will prevent any potential delays due to material acquisition.

Material Acquisition:

Walk Through: Our team need to walk through the project with the design review in mind because many details such as the outlet height, door trim thickness do not show up on the drawings.  All of these details affect how we come up with the final design of the stone.

Tile Order:

The job site walk through with the install team, our installers will need to total the quantity of  field tile and trim pieces ordered based on the pattern.  Different installation patterns require a different amount of extra tile, for straight lay we order 10% more and for offset, staggered and diagonal patterns we order 15% more.  The waste comes from the cut tile pieces.

Picking Slabs and Placing Joint and Seam Locations:

Valerie picked Piracema White (this slab varies from grey white to practically grey and green) from our local supplier, GMS Global.   After templating, we identified the slabs which best fit her shower wall dimensions.  As you can see, slab joints need to be placed artistically together. Our project manager and installer designed where the joint and seams will go prior to cutting the granite slabs.

P White Bath vanity P White Bath tub

Whimsical Bathroom

Quartz Vanity Top

Here is a bathroom tiled in Grazia’s New Classic line from Italy in the 5″x10″ pieces. The tile line has also quarter rounds, crown pieces and decorative pieces.  New Classic tile design is versatile to be used in contemporary and classic designs.

The New Classic line comes in seven 5×10 colors. You can expect subtle variations in each carton so it is important to mix the tiles from different cartons during installation for a more accurate shading.  Due to the shape of the trim pieces and nature of production, this is especially true for variation between field, trim and decorative.  New Classic tiles are made for interior walls.  We recommend using flexible cement-based setting material.

The accent tile, Muse is made by Oceanside Glass in San Diego which we usually have readily in stock. Muse is manufactured with a percentage of recycled glass with the following colors: Creme Brulee in White Iridescent, Oxygen Iridescent, and sandstone(dark, Medium, Light) Iridescent. The muse line has corresponding bar liners which can be color matched.  The iridescent sheen adds more interest like the mother or pearl or an abalone shell

2012-11-04_17-26-49_77 2012-11-04_17-27-49_7022012-11-04_17-27-05_875


Granite Counter and Tile Installation in Foul Weather May Cause Delays

“Rain Rain Go Away.

Come Back When It Is Not My Install Day.”


The weather such as heavy rain combined with wind can delay or prolong a tile, granite, or quartz installation. Our installers face two issues, the material getting wet and the San Francisco Bay Area traffic. I will only discuss with you the former since you all know how well we drive in bad weather.

When the guys are expecting heavy rain, our granite and tile installation teams pack their tents so they and the material are not rained on.  When the granite, quartz and plywood get wet, since it affects the drying time, cutting and worker safety.  Tile installation is affected less since the bonding material, thin set is water based unlike granite and quartz which relys on a polyurethane or silicone based adhesives.

This is a makeshift tent when my guys were cutting tile in light rain. During heavy rain, Artistic Stone’s Install teams will use the same tents as one may use for a Tail Gate Party before a football game. Go 49ers!!!


When installing in at freezing or below freezing temperature, the glue will not adhere to the granite surface because is too cold.  This a common challenge for jobs in Truckee, Tahoe or the Sierra Foothills. When installing in these conditions it takes longer than normal California weather for the glue to bond.

In our experience 90% of the rainy day jobs get installed.  We leave it to our installers descretion to decide whether they proceed or postpone. Our installers decisions is based providing you the best install and their safety since wet surfaces are slippery to walk on and counter tops are heavy(15 pounds per square foot).

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please call project manager, Dave in San Leandro about the challenges of rainy day installs.

Modern Zen: Andromeda White Kitchen with Modern Wood inspired tiles.

Andromeda White 3

In this Palo Alto Mid Century Modern Japanese inspired decor, our client replace her old Formica counter tops with Andromeda White granite.  A grey green swirly stone from Brazil. The backsplash is a 12×24 inch Italian tile called Glamour Beige with a baby liner of  Stone, Glass and Shell.

The overall project took 4 days to complete with plumbing.

Andromeda White 1Andromeda White 2


Juparana Tier Kitchen with Full and Tile Backsplash

J Tier 1

This granite counter kitchen is completed partially with full granite backsplah and the rest with mosaic tile backsplash.  The island and the sink have own custom made, unique shape.

J Tier 2 J Tier 3 J Tier 4 J Tier 5


Artistic Stone adds Jeffery Court Tiles to its Collection

Jeffery Court: Made in Norco, California

Since 1991, Jeffrey Court has been crafting incomparable handmade tiles that reflect our passion for craftsman quality and inspired design. Known for our distinctive styling and wide assortment of decorative tile, stone, glass and metal covering materials, we provide elegant products that make any installation extraordinary – all at incredibly affordable prices.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant combined with a 90,000 square foot warehouse and showroom, gives us the ability to respond quickly. With a fantastic assortment of over 5,000 different tiles in-stock, Jeffrey Court is a valuable resource for the tile and stone community.

We strive to preserve and impart the rich traditions of California tile making, capturing the classic elements of the past while satisfying today’s leading design and color trends. To enhance our handmade tile collection, we also travel the world working with artisan factories to acquire specialized tiles that meet the fashion and quality demands of our customers.

Preserving “Old World” Tradition in the Art of Tile Making

The timeless art of making tiles by hand dates back several thousand years. Jeffrey Court’s master craftsmen combine “old world” techniques with contemporary production equipment to create tiles from classical to craftsman in style.

Jeffrey Court tiles are truly handcrafted. Both the warmth and uniqueness of each tile can’t be reproduced by high-production factories. Our mission is to stay true to traditional tile making, which requires much hand labor, to assure a truly special product. Corporate headquarters are in Norco with production facilities just miles away in Fontana, California.

In addition to our expansive stocked “Chapters,” we also have the capabilities to produce custom products for special projects, and welcome dialog with dealers, designers and architects.

Remember our motto, “Your place is our passion,” as it reinforces our commitment to provide the most fashionable facing materials available in today’s marketplace.

Golden Butterfly Kitchen with MosaicTile Backsplash

G butterfly 3

Golden Butterfly is a granite with five neutral colors(red, black, gold, gray and white). This neutral color compliments multiple colors in your kitchen.  It is truly a versatile color which will warm your kitchen up.

The tiles are slate mosiac1″x1″ mixed with 2″x2″ marble mosaic mix.

G butterfly 4 G butterfly 2 G butterfly 1G butterfly 5

Honed down bling with flare. Emerald Pearl Granite

Emerald Pearl Honed

The first time I saw honed Emerald Pearl was over several slices of pizza at the Mariott Hotel bar in Washington DC. Since then, I was wondering when we would install it in a kitchen. Finally, we found a savvy couple who happen to enjoy cooking both in lab and in the kitchen.

The counter tops show off honed Emerald Pearl from Norway. We honed the surface at our shop by removing the shine off the surface. The couple complemented this with pearly white 3″x6″ subway tiles.

Happy Cooking!!
EmeraldPearlHonedKitchenCounter EmeraldPearlHonedKitchen

Stone Impressions Tile Installed

Stone Impression Mural

The homeowners, Steve and Denise picked Stone Impressions Natural Stone tiles as the kitchen art for their backsplash.  The mural dimension is an 18″ x 24″ Frutettto print on Light Travertine surrounded by 4″x4″ tumbled travertine tiles.  The homeowner also added 2×2 Frutetto accents scattered throughout the kitchen.

We sent our installation teams out to their house to measure, finalize the tile quantities and determine the locations of all the accent pieces prior to ordering.  The Stone Impression tiles took about 2 weeks to manufacture and our installation took 2 days.  The first day was tiling and the second day was grouting.  Below are the pictures of our craftsmanship.

They also ordered matching 4×4 matching accent tiles as coasters with an additional Satin Finish to the tile.  Stone Impression Tiles are simple, and elegance for the all homes.

Although, they have lots of classic themes such as Art Deco and Baroque, they have many modern influences as will. Please check out their website here. http://www.stoneimpressions.com/

Stone Impressions Tiles easily complement any countertop surface such as granite, marble, or engineered quartz.

Stone Impression Kitchen