Quartzite Kitchens

Elegant Namib Fantasy Quartzite Kitchen

Namib Fantasy Kitchen1

We would like to share this recent install with everybody here!

The Namib Fantasy quartzite countertop with light gray matte glass tile is a perfect match for this white themed elegant kitchen.

Namib Fantasy Kitchen2


Under cabinet lighting takes a big factor here.  It changes the look/effect of the matte glass tile.


Namib Fantasy Kitchen3


BBQ All Year Round

Outdoor BBQ1

Thanks to the nice weather we have here in California, you can enjoy BBQ outside almost all year round.

Let us share our recent BBQ counter installation.

You can see the installation process.  Once base is ready, Artistic Stone makes a template.


Slab Outdoor BBQ Template

Slab Outdoor BBQ Template2

Fabrication usually takes 7-10 business days after template, then we will come back to install.

In general, outdoor BBQ calls for more custom works, such as nonstandard width, raised bars, thick edge, irregular shape cut outs and so on.

Speaking of irregular shape cut out, here is a circle cut out done.

Circle Cut Out


This particular BBQ required many cut outs.

Installed Picture


Here is a different outdoor BBQ job that the client did a cantilever bar top.

Beautiful stone and beautifully done!


Outdoor BBQ3


Outdoor BBQ5


Outdoor BBQ generally requires more construction works than indoor kitchen does.

Artistic Stone will work with your contractor for your BBQ redo needs.


Make a Difference with Small Details


Have you consider how to treat around your window?

Many of you probably never thought about it!

It is easy to miss, but properly treating the area gives you more of a “finished look.”

Here are pictures of Full 1.5″ edge treatment on the window sill with stone.


Torquay Kitchen

farmhouse sink with 1.5in window sill

Here is a photo of 3/4″ edge treatment on the windows and full 1.5″ edge on the bar top.



What if your window is not high up from the counter?

You can have a step up like this.


Depending on how it was built, your garden window might not be the same height as your counter tops.

It is pretty common that you notice the height difference after you take down existing counter tops.

In that case, you can have 3/4″ thick step up piece to cover your window sill.


You saw some options with stone, and now let’s look at tile.


Depending on the thickness, you can have tiles simply against the window trim.


You can finish open ends with quarter rounds.

Tile backsplash trim around window


There are many options for treatment just around the window.

We hope you find the right fit for your kitchen.

Custom Calacatta Kitchen

Artistic Stone perfoms custom slab jobs as well as prefab counter jobs!

Calacatta marble counter

Here is an example of custom slab project.

Material: Calacatta marble slabs

Edge: Miter edge

We also made the integrated drain board for this project. (please check the last picture!)

Calacatta kitchen


Calacatta marble drainboard

We love to receive “After” pictures and lovely comments, so let us share with you here.

“We have loved working with you all! You have been really super wonderful people from beginning to end. You took care of all installation issues with such professionalism and in a timely manner. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends (actually, we have done that!) Thank you again for everything!”

We can also do semi-custom projects with prefab counters.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your design ideas.


Recent Installation – Namib Sky Counter



Another gorgeous kitchen installed by Artistic Stone!

The countertop is prefab Namib Sky.  The backsplash is porcelain mosaic tile, finished with Carrara Marble liner.

Namib Sky has been out of stock due to its popularity, but it is back in stock now.

Please feel free to come check Namib Sky at our warehouse!

Kitchen Countertop Before & After

Who wouldn’t like to see Before & After pictures?

Here are one of our recent kitchen counter installations.

Before: Travertine Tile Counter.

Before: Travertine Tile Counter.

After: Cartier Green Countertop

After: Cartier Green Countertop


Some more After pictures.  You never go wrong with green counter and dark & warm finished cabinets.  Enjoy the great change!











Waterfall Counter

Carrara White Marble

Here is our recent Carrara White waterfall counter being installed!

You probably see many waterfall counters in magazines or design websites these days.  Waterfall is a custom design element that can make your kitchen more dramatic look with patterned material (i.e. Carrara here) or more modern clean look with consistent patterned material (i.e. engineered quartz).  Below is our Bronze quartz counter with waterfall.

There are a couple of ways to handle waterfall.  Please contact our sales team for options.

 Bronze Quartz Waterfall Kitchen

Aquarelle – White Kitchen

Aquarelle counter

This is an elegant white themed kitchen using Aquarelle quartzite for counter top.

White kitchen is really hot now!


Aquarelle gives you the soft veins like marble with the strength of granite.  Quartzite is a good option for people who like marble colors but do not want to worry about the high maintenance.

In this kitchen, white cabinets and white subway tile with dark gray porcelain tile floor create a nice contrast.

Artistic Stone currently carries 3 quartzite colors available in pre-fabricated counter tops.  Please check here for the colors: Aquarelle, Cartier Green, and Namib Sky.