BBQ Counters


Custom-made and semi-custom made fireplaces are one of the many applications of prefabricated granite, marble or other stone surfaces.  Just like our kitchens and bathroom vanities, our fireplaces come in many different styles, colors, and edges.  It could be stone only or stone with tile.  Quartz is not recommended for fireplace surrounding. The following are some of our recent BBQ counter installation.  You can see the installation process. Once base is ready, Artistic Stone makes a template.

Fabrication usually takes 7-10 business days after template, then we will come back to install.

In general, outdoor BBQ calls for more custom works, such as nonstandard width, raised bars, thick edge, irregular shape cut outs and so on.

Speaking of irregular shape cut out, here is a circle cut out done.

This particular BBQ required many cut outs.

Here is a different outdoor BBQ job that the client did a cantilever bar top.

Beautiful stone and beautifully done!

Outdoor BBQ generally requires more construction works than indoor kitchen does.

Artistic Stone will work with your contractor for your BBQ redo needs.