Piracema White Slab Shower: Planning/ Timelines Part 2 of 3

Continued from Part 1 of 3: April 3rd, 2010 Click for Part 1 of 3.

After we had an understanding of Valerie’s project, we planned out the material acquisition and installation schedule.  In an ideal scenario, all material will have been purchased and warehoused at our San Leandro facility prior to project start. This will prevent any potential delays due to material acquisition.

Material Acquisition:

Walk Through: Our team need to walk through the project with the design review in mind because many details such as the outlet height, door trim thickness do not show up on the drawings.  All of these details affect how we come up with the final design of the stone.

Tile Order:

The job site walk through with the install team, our installers will need to total the quantity of  field tile and trim pieces ordered based on the pattern.  Different installation patterns require a different amount of extra tile, for straight lay we order 10% more and for offset, staggered and diagonal patterns we order 15% more.  The waste comes from the cut tile pieces.

Picking Slabs and Placing Joint and Seam Locations:

Valerie picked Piracema White (this slab varies from grey white to practically grey and green) from our local supplier, GMS Global.   After templating, we identified the slabs which best fit her shower wall dimensions.  As you can see, slab joints need to be placed artistically together. Our project manager and installer designed where the joint and seams will go prior to cutting the granite slabs.

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